Life in Thassos

Thassos is located in Northern Greece, across the coast of Eastern Macedonia. The length of its coasts reaches 115 km. And the surface of the soil is spread over 378.84 sq. km. The distance of 18 nautical miles separates it from Kavala but just 6 miles from Keramoti and the Kavala Airport.
Your access will be especially easy since the routes of ferries usually take place from 6:00 am until 23:00 at night.

Capital of the island is Limenas.

The island is full of olive trees, pine trees, firs, lindens, cedars, dogwood and other domestic and wild trees covering small valleys to the peaks of the mountains.

It has about 14,000 residents.

The island has many famous beaches suitable for summer holidays (Trypiti, Marble Beach, Porto Vathu, Golden Beach, Paradise).
Also you can visit the unique beauty spots such as Gkiola, Acropolis, Mount Ypsario, the archaeological museum.
If you like adventure and activity you can do extreme sport or even to visit the mountains by Jeep Safari.
If you like sea adventure, you can make diving, fishing.
In autumn an ​​important activity of Thasos is the collection of oil production and the conversion of virgin olive oil.
During your stay you can visit restaurants in order to taste the quality island food.

We will be glad to visit our island!

Thassos Real Estate

Thassos RealEstate agency, founded in 2005 by Mrs. Mammou Asimenia.
The agency Thassos RealEstate all these years works with all the specialties that are necessary for the process of the transfer of a property.
In a continuing effort to provide high quality services with respect to customer needs, our agency covers all the Real Estate services to the island of Thassos with a highly organized system.

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